G 0817 'Equation'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/Ziricote fingerboard and headstock overlay.  Lollar Imperial in the bridge, Lollar minihumbucker in the middle and BoneTop P-90 in the neck position.  Hipshot tremolo and Gotoh vintage-style locking tuners.

G 0818 'Key of Desire'

Mahogany body, Mahogany neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  'BoneTop' P-90 pickup configuration. 

G 0819 'Boxtube'

Mahogany body, Mahogany neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  'BoneTop' P-90 pickup configuration. Wilkinson adjustable stoptail bridge.

G 0820 'Songlines II'

G 0821 'Beachwalk Yellow'

G 0822 'Last Chance'

G 0823 'Sweet Melody'

G 0824 'Sacred (African Queen)'

'Sacred' has a 27" longscale neck tuned to D.  The vintage clear-bobbin Gibson P-90 with striking green windings combines with a Graph-Tech piezo/hexaphonic "Ghost" system with 13-pin output.  The neck is Wenge (excellent wood for low-midrange tones) with a Bocote fingerboard.  The body is Mahogany.  The controls are grouped according to function - the hexaphonic volume and up-down controls on the upper bout and lower horn, the piezo/magnetic combination on the lower bout.  Sperzel locking tuners, Hipshot tremolo, Dunlop Straplocks.


The guitar was later modified.  A Lollar Charlie Christian was added in the neck position for more tonal flexibility.

G 0825 'Indulge Me'

Mahogany body, flame Koa neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Lollar minihumbucker combination w/ 6-way switch, Hipshot fixed bridge, Gotoh vintage style tuners.

G 0826 'Red Velvet'

Swamp Ash body w/burnt finish, Maple neck.  Lollar Tele combination. Gotho vintage style tuners, compensated Tele bridge.

B 0827 'Eyeful'

G 0828 'Rys'

Rys Olsen sacrificed an older original Steve Klein body to be 'totemized'.  With the blessings of Steve Klein I modified the body, adding art Rys had sent me, and replaced the  Steinberger graphite neck with a one-piece Rosewood neck, based on an old original Klein neck I had in hand.  A 'BoneTop' pickup drives the Sustainiac.

G 0829 'Woody'

Woody Aplanalp's second commission (the first is "Woody's Empress", G 0107) is themed 'Tiki'.  The electronics are simpler this time - a Fernandes Sustainer and a Lollar Imperial humbucker /minihumbucker combination with two military-grade kill switches.  Shark's teeth are inlaid in the fingerboard.  Mahogany body with Cedar top, bird's eye Maple neck w/ Cocobolo fingerboard.



G 0830 'Seasidesong'

Lollar minihumbucker in the neck, Tele special in the bridge. Mahogany body.  Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.

G 0831 'V8'

Peter Florance 'Voodoo' Strat set.  Alder body, Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.  Vintage style Gotoh steel block tremolo.

G 0832 'Black Buddha'

G 0833 'Tick Tock'

G 0834 'Voodoo IV'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/Bloodwood fingerboard and headstock overlay, 25 ½" scale.  Gotoh vintage style tuners.  'BoneTop' Tele/P-90 combination.  Tele bridge w/compensated brass saddles. Dunlop Straplocks.

G 0835 'Family Jewels'

Mahogany body and neck, Ziricote fingerboard and headstock overlay.  25 1/2" scale.  Custom through-the-body bridge, Hipshot locking tuners, Dunlop Straplocks.  Sustainiac circuit with Fralin humbucker in the bridge.

Reincarnation of "Family Jewels" -  I decided to put in some BoneTop pickups to enhance the bright color scheme.   Lindy Fralin-based BoneTop "Unbucker" in the bridge with variable split via the second control knob.  P-90 style BoneTop in neck position. 

G 0836 'Voodoo V'

Mahogany body, Mahogany neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  'BoneTop' Tele/P-90 pickup configuration.

G 0837 'Vivaldi's Nightmare'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  A cello headstock and scroll, sliced in half, form the centerpiece of this guitar.  A trio of 'BoneTop' pickups are controlled via a rotary switch along with volume and tone pots.

0 838 '2 is Better than One'

Mahogany bod, mahogany neck with Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard.  BoneTop P-90 in the bridge and BoneTop SC in the neck position.  Wraparound tailpiece and vintage style Gotoh tuners.

G 0839 'V8.2'

I had the two vintage Guild pickups, a fullsize humbucker and a minihumbucker, for a while until I decided to combine them in this guitar.  Their slick chrome surface called for some shiny brightwork and the massive vintage Ford hood ornament supplied the string-through guide, with the strings passing through tubes to the string anchor machined from aluminum on the back of the guitar. Swamp Ash body w/Padouk centerstripe.  Zebrawood neck w/Purpleheart fingerboard.


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