New Beginnings


I would never have thought that accepting the invitation for Michael to participate in The Guitar Barrel Project in 2018 would be the beginning of another major life change for us.


Now, almost 5 years later, we have left Vienna and are settling in our new home and workshop in Loulé in the beautiful Algarve (Portugal).


As for many others, the COVID years were difficult, and there were only occasional signs of life from us, like at last year's NAMM Show with Projects of Three. But finally, even though the workshop is still pretty much in disarray, Michael has built the first two guitars made in Portugal!


So now we are ready to re-join the show circuit and hope to meet many of you around again!




And here is the first guitar completed in our new location.  A Vienna model with a pine top from an old box. Light to the touch and to hold, the chambered Mahogany body provides a warm tone, dynamic, with transparent harmonics and the BoneTops will delight the ear with everything from clean to snarly tones.



Just to prove that it's still all there after about a year of enforced inactivity on the guitar making front.


The Guitar Barrel Project, Lisbon May 14



 The presentation of The Guitar Barrel Project took place in Lisbon on May 14, 2023. Music, great wine and nice company made the unveiling of the 6 guitars made by Michael, Adriano Sergio, Andy Manson, Claudia & Claudio Pagelli, Nik Huber and Ulrich Teuffel a wonderful event, followed by the world premiere of the documentary about the project that evening.



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