G 0101 'Cuttlefish'

The first of several guitars I made for Henry Kaiser - expression of his fascination with cuttlefish.  He sent me an Ernie Ball Music man neck which I modified a little and a Bartolini humbucker which I fitted with a custom pearled celluloid cover.

G 0102 'Wesguitar'

Commemorative guitar for Wes Bentley (Rebel Guitars) - much later he became one of my dealers...

G0103 not a 'Totemguitar'

G0104 not a 'Totemguitar'

G0105 not a 'Totemguitar'

G0106 not a 'Totemguitar'

G 0107 'Woody's Empress'

Guitarist Woody Aplanalp commissioned this instrument.  It was designed around ceramic art pieces created by his wife.  The body is made of Cedar, the neck bird's-eye Maple and the fingerboard Purpleheart.  The electronics inlcude a Fernandes Sustainer, a 'behind the bridge' Lace sensor, which can be blended into the signal, a Z-Vex Wah probe with the silver eyes functioning as antenna, a kill switch and a vintage Bill Lawrence bridge pickup along with a vintage Gibson minihumbucker.   Woody is a master at using all of it!  He later commissioned a second guitar:   (G 0829 'The Woody').


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