G 0901 'Good Vibrations'

All sorts of things vibrate - and you can even measure them.  TV-Jones Supertron pickups, a Swamp Ash body and a Maple neck with Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard. 

G 0902 'Cool Feeling'

Swamp Ash body with a bird's eye Maple neck.  2 'BoneTop' P-90's, Hipshot fixed bridge and Sperzel locking tuners.

G 0903 'Juror 500'

Mahogany body, Maple neck with Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard 25 1/2" scale.  Pigtail adjustable aluminum stoptail, Lollar Minihumbucker combination, Gotoh vintage style tuners.

G 0904 'Plumber's Delight'

Built for Reinhold Bogner, this guitar has a Mahogany body, a flame Koa neck w/Rosewood fingerboard, aged hardware and 2 'BoneTop' pickups.

G 0905 'Lazy 7'

G 0906 'Halfmoon Bay'

Mahogany body with an Indian Rosewood neck.  2 'BoneTop' P-90's and a kill switch in the upper bout constitute the electronics.  Pigtail adjustable stoptail/bridge and Sperzel locking tuners.


This guitar was later modified.  A Bigsby was added and the stoptail bridge was replaced with a customized tune-a-matic, designed to use the posts left by the stoptail bridge.

G 0907 'No Time For Later'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/Cocobolo fingerboard.  The theme "No time for later" was part of the commission of this guitar.  It combines a Lollar Charlie Christian in the neck with a 'BoneTop' P-90 middle and a Lollar Imperial humbucker in the bridge position. 6-way switching for a neck/bridge combination in addition to the standard 5-way switching pattern.  Graph-Tech piezos round out the electronics package.  Hipshot bridge, Sperzel locking tuners, Dunlop straplocks.

G 0908 'Minx'

G 0909 'Superminx'

B 0910 'Fracture'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/ Cocobolo fingerboard.  Shortscale (32") bass with a 'Dark Star' vintage Hagstrom/Guild pickup recreation.  Despite its comfortable short scale it has plenty of punch - the single-coil pickup is powerful and clear.  Hipshot bridge (variable through-body or top-load), Hipshot tuners. 

G 0911 'Colotti'

Mahogany back, Maple neck w/Indian Rosewood fingerboard.  Seymour Duncan SCR-1 in neck and middle and an SHR-1 in the bridge position.  Hipshot tremolo and locking tuners.  This commission was to have a vintage 'fruit and vegetable wholesale' theme.

G 0912 'Mermaid Goldtop'

A tribute to the classic 'Gold Top', this guitar has a Honduran Mahogany body and neck from old stock, along with an Ebony fingerboard from Martin Guitars 70's stock.  The goldleaf front supports a dance of mermaid figurines, plastic 'swizzle sticks' - their sharp tails (or dancer's feet) used to impale olives in dry martinis back in the 40's.  A single mermaid is inlaid into the fingerboard.  Two original vintage Gibson minihumbuckers, a Tone Pros wraparound stoptail bridge, Gotoh vintage style locking tuners and a fluted bone nut comprise the technical details.  I redesigned the neck-body joint to allow for a more traditional look, even though this is a bolt-on design due to its Resin-top finish technique.

G 0913 'Trading Horses'

Mahogany body, Mahogany neck w/Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard.  A vintage Gibson single coil in the neck combines with a 40's Gibson lapsteel pickup in the bridge position.  The lapsteel pickup has a wonderfully rich midrange while the neck single combines warmth with clarity.

G 0914 'Bonerville Beach'

Joe Barden pickup combination w/splittable humbucker in a Spalt custom bridge, tele neck.  Mahogany body.  Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingeboard.

G 0915 'Esquire Girl'

A tribute to the 'Esquire' guitar - the 'Esquire' Magazine calender cover of the apropriate year - a single 'BoneTop' pickup and a Swamp Ash body along with a one-piece Maple neck recreate the simplicity of the original.

G0916 'Esquire Girl Deluxe'

Since there was a calender page also I decided to make a more luxurious version - with a Bigsby B-16 Tremolo fitted with a 'BoneTop' Tele-style pickup and a vintage Kay 'Speedbump' in the neck position.  The Alder body is chambered extensively and fitted with a spalted Maple top.  Orange bone position markers and an orange bone nut grace the highly flamed Maple neck.  The 1951 'Esquire' magazine calendar girl is 'sister' to the G 0915 'Esquire Girl' calender cover.

G 0917 'Milagros'

The second of my tributes to the classic 'Goldtop', this one is themed around small religious offerings from Mexico and Central America.  The body and neck are Mahogany, the fingerboard Ebony.  The 12th fret inlay is a votive heart 'Milagro'. A set of Lollar Imperials are aged to match the rest of the hardware.

G 0918 'El Penitente (prayers for a killer)'

This guitar is the second one commissioned by Rys Olsen, but modified to a 7-string configuration.  I combined the rosary and other art he sent me with Mexican "milagros" and small hand-carved bone skulls.  There are 13 victims, blood on the knife of the 'sicario' (killer), and the people praying for his redemption.  Mexican folk art and Mexico's preoccupation with religion and the violence spawned by the drug wars are referenced here.  The body is Swamp Ash, the neck aged Indian Rosewood.  A red 'BoneTop' pickup in combination with a 7-string Sustainiac comprises the electronics.  The fan-fret fingerboard spans 27" for the low string and 25 1/2" for the high one.  The aged tuners are ABM.  I made the lockdown piece in front of the nut from brass.  The hex wrench for the lockdown screws slips into a hole on the face of the neck and is held in place by a magnet.


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