BoneTop™ Pickups

BoneTop Pickups
BoneTop Pickups

As a unique complement to our guitars I have developed our line of 'BoneTop' pickups.  Both tone and aesthetics were crucial considerations in crafting these.  I match the pickups to each guitar individually, to fit the overall look and sound.


I love the sound of P-90 pickups, so I took that design as basis for the classic BoneTop found in the majority of my guitars. The bridge pickup is fitted with Alnico magnets for warmth and dynamics, the neck with ceramic magnets and slightly less windings for clarity and definition.  They are also RWRP for a hum-free middle position.  The bobbins are hand crafted by us from hard bone, dyed in a variety of colors.  They are then wound to my specifications by Lindy Fralin or Harry Häussel specially for us.  They have been met with great acclaim as some of the best-sounding P-90 style pickups available.


We also make SC's (in both classic configurations) and humbuckers.  The pickups are made in batches.  Colors, shapes and availability vary and there can be as much as a 6 month wait if a specific model or color is desired for a Custom Build Spalt guitar.  


These pickups are not for sale - they are only available on my guitars.