Instrument GALLERY

Straddling the line between art and utility, my instruments embrace both aspects fully.  Although visual and sculptural elements play an obvious role in many of them, the basic approach common to these guitars as musical instruments is playability, tone and reliability.  


I work in a wide variety of forms, materials and approaches.  The sections below are the main categories, archived according to type.





I've worked with resin from 1997 on, and the original line of guitars and basses came to be known as 'Totemguitars'. To date more than 400+ instruments have been build using this process, each a unique handcrafted piece. I utilise found objects and wood, repurposing them and giving them a new life as playable art.





Hybrids evolved out of a desire to strip the guitar of everything but the necessary and to explore new materials.   Originally conceived as a modular line, they have become a line of unique singular pieces, marrying an aluminum core with various beautiful woods.





The old gate to the new workshop in Vienna after our move from Los Angeles was to be replaced and the wood inspired a new series of guitars, topped with the weathered boards left over.  Starting in 2012, a limited series of 50 Gate Guitars has been completed in 2021.  Small odds and ends of the original wood left over will still find their way into other projects.





Originally created from 2007 to 2008 in Los Angeles, this series is being reissued in Vienna. Based on my years of experience serving the L.A. guitarist scene at my shop "Echo Park Guitar garage", these wer conceived as roadworthy instruments with a unique visual flair.





This includes various more conventional builds, the 624 and 486 lines and others.  I originally started out making traditional instruments using traditional methods and materials.  Over the years this took a bit of a backseat to my other work, but forays into that realm of building still have been a regular companion.






Out of the box and unconventional builds along with special projects.  For a builder this is where the greatest challenge and the most fun occur.  I am very grateful for those customers who have allowed me to push the boundaries and to try out new ideas and concepts...