G 0301 'Klein Downtown'

Paul Schmidt commissioned this instrument.  It was based around objects he had collected from Steve Klein's old shop (various guitar parts from his acoustics, the ebony bridge, a rosette, decorations).  He also supplied the Rosewood neck, from a Klein acoustic.  The shape echoes Klein's acoustic guitar design.  The pickups are Fralin Jazzbars.  This guitar gave rise to the later 'Nouveau Series'  (2006-2009).                                Construction images and commentary

G 0302 'Sheryl'

'Sheryl' has a flame Meranti back.  I found a stock of this light, resonant wood with good figure and it yielded quite a few nice sounding guitars.  A vintage Gibson minihumbucker and a vintage Tele bridge pickup along with a Walnut neck complete the instrument.

G 0303 'Sandy Point'

G 0304 'Dante's Guitar'

G0305 not a 'Totemguitar'

G 0306 'California 52'

G 0307 'Yellow Square'

G 0308 'Billie Holiday'

Lollar Imperial humbucker in the neck (splittable).  Alder body, Mahogany neck w/ Cocobolo fingerboard.  Tonepros wraparound bridge.

G 0309 'California 55'

G 0310 'Drink Sturdy'

G 0311 'Dunlap'

G 0312 'Hidden Buddha'

'Hidden Buddha' is the 75th Totemguitar completed.  It contains autobiographical elements set over a flame Maple back with a flame Maple/Rosewood neck.  Currently in the collection of Miyaji Kanda in Japan.

G 0313 'Juju II'

African idol, Kauri shells.  Meranti back w/ Maple center stripe.  2 vintage 60's Gibson P-90's, PRS wraparound tailpiece.  Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Sperzel locking tuners.

addl. Photos courtesy of Miyaji Gakki Tokyo, 1-4 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo


G 0314 'Juju III'

G 0315 'Alice's Chain'

G 0316 'Cantan'

G 0317 'Fields of Pleasure'

Flame Meranti body, Maple neck/Ebony fingerboard.  Vintage brass tremolo.

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