G 0401 'Pinup'

Mahogany body, bird's-eye Maple neck.  A vintage DeArmond pickup and a Wilkinson adjustable stoptail grace this sparkly lady - a deep coat of resin laced with flitter shimmers and shines as the lights hit it.

G 0402 'Dunlap 2'

Balanced Fralin Tele bridge w/P-90 neck pickup set.

G 0403 'Big 8'

Meranti body, Mahogany neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.  Lollar minihumbucker in the neck, Lindy Fralin Tele in the bridge. 

G 0404 'Puzzle'

This guitar was made for John Cale, as a tour replacement for his vintage Les Paul Special.  At first we installed a P-90, like the Special. After a while  John felt he needed another sound, so eventually the P-90 was replaced with a Seymour Duncan '59 humbucker with a split circuit.  Subsequently I made three more guitars for John. 


Click here for John Cale gallery

G 0405 'BadCat'

This guitar was commissioned by James and Debbie Heidrich, the owners of 'BadCat' amps.  It includes tubes which light up and other electronic elements in reference to James' amp buiding.   I had to design a new type of neck joint in order to be able to combine the Les Paul Special body shape with a Resintop. 

G 0406 'HA'

Another one of Henry Kaiser's guitars.  This one also includes a Sustainer, along with a Hipshot tremolo.  The neck is made of Wenge, with a 27" scale - an extended scale which I've used quite often.

G 0407 'BIG w'

G 0408 'Violin'

The same setup as the 'HA' guitar above.  27" scale Wenge neck with Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.  Sperzel locking tuners, Sustainiac and Hipshot tremolo.  The body has a Purpleheart center stripe.

G 0408 (B) 'Eiferman'

Alder back, Bird's eye Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Custom order for Shawn Eiferman.  P-90 in the neck, Humbucker in the bridge position with a Graph-tech Ghost piezo system for acoustic tones.  Sperzel locking tuners and LSR roller nut complete technical features.  Due to some mixup it shares a duplicate number with the ' G0408 Violin' above.

B 0409 'Trio'

'Trio' gets its name from the three P-Bass coils.  Various switching modes between the coils furnish a variety of sounds.

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