G 0201 'Kaiser Foundation'

'Kaiser Foundation' was commissioned by the California Kaiser Foundation to commemorate Henry Kaiser's tenure on the board.  It was to be a surprise for him.  The design and objects were supplied by the Foundation.  I had made a guitar for Henry ('G 0101 Cuttlefish') and wanted to offer him some new options - so I included a Sustainer.

G0202 not a 'Totemguitar'

G0203 not a 'Totemguitar'

G0204 not a 'Totemguitar'

G0205 not a 'Totemguitar'

B 0206 'Modine'

The body for this bass was desigend as a guitar body and consequently it proved to be somewhat neck-heavy.  I installed a telescoping strap button which alleviated this problem.  Alder body, w/Mahogany neck & Cocobolo fingerboard.  Badass bridge, Hipshot Tuners w/D-tuner.  Seymour Duncan "vintage" P-bass pickup.

B 0207 'P-Star'

A friend gave me a mangled old Ash P-Bass body which had been fitted with a Kahler trem, among other things.  I sanded the body down, fixed the holes and "totemized" it.  The neck was a 70's Fender neck I found on eBay.  The fingerboard had been sanded off in an attempt to repair the truss rod.  I replaced the rod, trued the surface and fitted a new fingerboard made of Zebrawood.  A vintage brass bridge and a Fralin Jazz pickup completed the instrument.

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