G 0501 'Star'

C 0502 'Elena's Guitar'

G 0503 'Hot'

G 0504 'Slow'

After Henry Kaiser got this guitar, he replaced the vintage DiMarzio humbuckers with Harmonic Design Z-90's.  






'Rags' the cat stands guard. 

G 0505 'Mind Over Matter'

G 0506 'Evolution'

G 0507 'War'

G 0508 'Eyescrew'

G 0509 'Gears II'

G 0510 'Magic Bayou'

G 0511 'Keep Clear'

G 0512 'No Way But Up'

Fralin P-90's with Alnico Lipstick pickup in the middle.  Meranti back.  Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.

G 0513 'Brownie'

G 0514 'Alligator'

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