G 0601 'Turbine II'

G 0602 'Baby Tree'

G 0603 'Press Hard'

G 0604 'Casino'

G 0605 'Aurelia'

A Line-6 Variax system in conjunction with a Graph-Tech Ghost hexaphonic 13-pin output constitutes the electronics on this guitar.  The fanned fret fingerboard is divided into Rosewood and Ebony segments, denoting the white and black keys of a keyboard, with the E's marked by pearl segments. 

G 0606 'Jewel'

G 0607 'Fountain of Treasure'

G 0608 'Blue Gear Girl'

G 0609 'Velvet Hammer'

G 0610 'Savoy'

G 0611 'Defrost'

G 0612 'Cool'

G 0613 'Rhineland'

G 0614 'Bluebird'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Yellow bone position markers and nut.  Fralin humbucker/single combination, Hipshot through/body bridge, Gotoh vintage-style tuners.

G 0615 'Chevy Lady'

G 0616 'Temptation'

G 0617 'Danger'

Vintage Gretsch Supertron pickups.  Mahogany body, Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard.  Bigsby vibrato with Schaller roller bridge. 

G 0618 'Stonewashed'

G0619 'Mustang'

Fralin combination, splittable humbucker in the bridge, Strat single coil in the neck.  Fender Coronado bridge.  Redwood body.  Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard.

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