G 0001 'Christopher's Guitar'

A beautifully dense piece designed by my friend Christopher (who was a neighbor in the building where I had my shop) for his daughter.  There is a photo of him near the volume knob.  Redwood back, Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.  Fender Tele bridge and pickup.

G0002 not a 'Totemguitar'

G 0003 'Bobby's Special'

Alder back, Bird's-eye Maple neck.  DiMarzio 'Tone Zone' splittable humbucker, Floyd Rose tremolo, volume control w/ push-pull. The second guitar Bobby Ferrara scored from us.  Ode to his then-girlfriend...

G0004 not a 'Totemguitar'

G0005 not a 'Totemguitar'

G0006 not a 'Totemguitar'

G 0007 'La Calavera'

Flame Meranti back, Madagascar Rosewood neck.  Seymour Duncan '59 humbucker, spittable.  Volume control w/push-pull. Fixed bridge, Sperzel non-locking tuners.

G 0008 'Amor y Dinero'

Flame Meranti back, Maple neck w/Ziricote fingerboard.  Vintage Gibson 'Dirty Fingers' humbucker, splittable.  Volume w/push-pull.

G 0009 "Flaguitar #12 - Happy nation

A supply of Prozac pills graces the stars on this guitar.  Alder body and Lindy Fralin Strat pickups along with a vintage-style tremolo.

G 0010 'C Red'

Mahogany back, Rosewood neck.  Vintage Gibson minihumbucker, volume control.

G 0011 'Ragged Glory'

Flame Meranti back, Maple neck.  Seymour Duncan JB humbucker.  Vintage style tremolo.  This is the 13th 'Flaguitar' - I used the remains of the flag left over from the series.

G 0012 'Japanese Silk'

G 0013 'Weathersquare'

G 0014 'TaRockGuitar'

Mahogany back, flame Maple neck w/Ebony fingerboard.  Vintage Gibson humbucker in the bridge, a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro singlecoil in the neck position.  3-way switch, volume control.

G 0016 'Kelim'

Cedar body, Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  A vintage Höfner tremolo was modified and optimized.  Vintage Bill Lawrence minihumbucker in the bridge and standard minihumbucker in the neck position.

G 0017 'Red Lion'

Mahogany back, Maple neck w/ Pau Ferro fingerboard.  Originally it was fitted with two  Seymour Duncan P-90's, then rewired for two minihumbuckers.

G 0018 'Oracion'

Mahogany back, flame Maple neck w/Ebony fingerboard.  Gibson P-94 humcancelling pickup w/ custom Abalone cover.  ABM roller bridge, Bigsby tremolo.

G 0019 'Rose T'

Flame Meranti back, Rosewood neck.  Splittable humbucker in the bridge.  This has seen several pickup changes - originally a Seymour Duncan '59, Alnico II Pro single combination.  At some point the humbucker was replaced with a Gibson 'Dirty Fingers' humbucker.  I'm not sure of what is in there now.  This guitar has been with my friend Tommy Aguilar (a talented amp builder) for near 10 years now.

G 0020 'Hunt Tambo'

G 0021 'Songlines'

Flame Meranti body, Maple neck.

G 0022 'Secret Garden'

Alder back, Maple neck.  Three Lindy Fralin 'Vintage' singlecoils, 5-way switch, volume control w/ push-pull for bridge pickup activation, yielding 7 sound combinations.

G 0023 'Purple Paul'

Mahogany back, flame Maple neck w/Purpleheart fingerboard.  Seymour Duncan '59 in the neck and Gibson '57 in the bridge position.  3-way switch, volume control.

G 0024 'Hotleg'

"Hotleg" started as a one-pickup guitar.  Eventually it acquired a second one, wired to give numerous coil combinations.  Mahogany back, flame Maple neck w/Ebony fingerboard.  Sperzel locking tuners, Bigsby tremolo.

G 0025 'Dismembered Girl'

G 0026 'Turbine'

Mahogany body, Rosewoodneck w/ Ebony fingerboard.  Yes, that's Mike Keneally with my friend Peter Alexius..

G 0027 'Measure of All Things'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/Ebony fingerboard.  Bigsby, Schaller roller bridge.  This guitar has been one of the main guitars for Jared Meeker.

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