The Carcavelos Mahogany Guitars

We have a limited supply of this special wood for the construction of truly unique instruments, reflecting on the history of this material and taking advantage of its special quality.  Each guitar will bear the Carcavelos Wood Seal, certifying its provenance.






Straight and simple.  A solid board, with traces of mineral deposits on the top, bearing light markings from the removal process.  Seen from the side, the stain left by the wine can be seen deeply penetrating the wood





Top showing the honey-colored Mahogany emerging from under the aged, worked surface. Pickup bobbin of fossilized mammoth ivory. The long-tenon neck heel bears the Carcavelos Seal on the gold-leaf surface





Heavily textured top with mammoth ivory pickup bobbins. Seismic wave sculptured symbol with gold leaf





Lightly worked top on a chambered body.  The edges are carved to reveal the clean inner wood, both front and back.  Seismic wave sculptured symbol with gold leaf.  BoneTop pickups. Carcavelos Wood Seal on the back





 Seismic wave carved across the whole top and gold leafed. Highly sculpted back. Two P-90 style pickups with luminescent Raffir Noble bobbins





Heavily textured top over a chambered body with a two-part sculpted back