G 0716 'Mercury Rising'

A 1950's Mercury hood ornament dominates the design of this guitar.  Mahogany body with Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard.  Two 'BoneTop' P-90's.

G 0717 'Queen of Hearts'

'Queen of Hearts' marked the first appearance of my 'Butterfly' shape body designs.  Despite its angular look it is very comfortable to hold and play, a fact also helped by the carving of the back.  The body is made of old stock Mahogany with a Rosewood/Maple laminated centerstripe.  The neck is flame Maple with a Rosewood fingerboard and Headstock overlay.  Two 'BoneTop' pickups and a Bigsby B-16 along with Sperzel locking tuners are fitted.  The guitar looks bigger than it is, yielding a good canvas for my art work.  The shape also seems to give depth and dimension to the sound, with warm mids and rolling lows.

G 0718 'Corazon'

Alder body.  Bird's eye Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.  Two 'BoneTop' P-90's, Hipshot bridge, Sperzel locking tuners.  This one has the 'old style' combination jack/backplate shaped from aluminum - something I hadn't used in a while.

G 0719 'Potis'

G 0720 'Pink'

A 30's pin-up covers the front of the guitar.  The greatest challenge was to place her at an angle which would work with the body shape.  The TV-Jones 'Supertron' pickups and hardware are goldplated.  Mahogany body and Maple neck.

G 0721 'Phone Me'

This pinup is from the 70's.  Gold hardware and two 'BoneTop' pickups. Swamp Ash body with Maple neck.

G 0722 'Bust'

Another pinup from the 70's.  The missing bra is inlaid in the fingerboard. When I can find them, I like using the left-handed Tele bridges - the lows snap and the highs are a bit sweeter.  Swamp Ash body, Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Reverse Tele bridge/P-90 neck 'BoneTop' pickup configuration.

G 0723 'Cool 2'

'Cool 2' combines two 'BoneTop' P-90's into a humbucker with various coil switching options.  Mahogany body, Maple neck with Bloodwood fingerboard and headstock cap.

G 0724 'Sixth Sense'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Two P-90 'BoneTop' pickups.

G 0725 'Beachwalk Blue'

G 0726 'Dark Gears'

G 0727 'Seafoam'

Mahogany body, Mahogany neck w/Rosewood fingerboard and headstock overlay.  A Joe Barden humbucker in the bridge and a Sustainiac neck pickup/circuit comprise the electronics.  Hipshot tremolo and Sperzel locking tuners.

G 0728 'Windsor'

Mahogany body and neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  A 50' Windsor model car badge furnishes the name.  Two Lollar minihumbuckers and Hipshot bridge.

G 0729 'Maccaferri's Hole'

Maccaferri is mostly known for his 'Django Reinhart' style Selmer guitars.  But he later also developed a line of plastic guitars which were quite successful and actually sounded quite good.  The f-hole is part of a top of one of these guitars which was picked out of the trash by a friend of mine.  Sadly it had been damaged beyond repair, so I used parts of it in various Totemguitars, as tribute and as a way of renewing their purpose.  Mahogany body, Maple neck with Purpleheart fingerboard.  Tele/P-90 'BoneTop' pickup configuration.

G 0730 'Memory Lane'

A requiem for a trusted friend.  'Memory Lane' incorporates objects from my old '71 Jeep Wagoneer.  Upon retiring it after more than 12 years of service and many travels, I kept some badges and decorations along with a page from the manual and used them for this guitar.  The white and blue color scheme recalls the original paintjob of the truck.  Mahogany body, flame Koa neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Two Lollar minihumbuckers and a Wilkinson adjustable wraparound stop-tail bridge.

G 0731 'Dark Star'

Mahogany body, Padouk neck w/Cocobolo fingerboard.  Two 'BoneTop' P-90'.  Bigsby vibrato and roller bridge.  30' bakelite radio knobs.

G 0732 'Red Gear'

G 0733 'Beachwalk Blue II'

G 0734 'Arizona'

G 0735 'Buddha's Girl'

G 0736 'Red Lady'

Mahogany body and neck, Rosewood fingerboard and headstock overlay, Hipshot bridge, BoneTop P-90 style pickups, Gotoh vintage style tuners.

G 0737 'Don't look now'

Mahogany body and neck, Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard, vintage style Gotoh tuners, Tele style bridge w/brass compensated saddles, BoneTop P-90 style in neck, Tele-style in bridge.

G 0738 'Voltage'

Mahogany body, Maple neck/w Rosewood fingerboard, Vintage G&L tremplate converted to fixed bridge, 2 BoneTop P-90 pickups.

G 0739 'Pink Confederacy'

A vague resemblance to the US Confederate flag prompted the name.  Mahogany body topped with some old Redwood boards.  Flame Maple neck w/Cocobolo fingerboard.  The pickups are a prototype 'BoneTop' humbucker in the custom Spalt bridge, a 'BoneTop' P-90 in the center and a Lollar Charlie Christian in the neck position.  The 3-way switch and the first volume knob control the bridge and neck pickups, while the middle pickup can be dialed in via the center volume knob.  A master tone affects the resulting signal.

G 0740 'Gears of Desire'

G 0741 'Route 66'

G 0742 'Chevy Dan'

Peter Florance 'Voodoo' Strat set. Fat flame Koa neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.  Swamp Ash body.

G 0743 'Memory Lane II'

More objects from my old Jeep.  There was enough for a second guitar.

Mahogany body, two Gibson P-90's from the 60's, Maple neck with Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard.  Hipshot bridge and Sperzel locking tuners.

G 0744 'Sister'

'Sister' to the G0739 'Pink Confederacy' guitar above, this one has a Mahogany body and neck with a Redwood top made from the same old boards as the 'Confederacy'.  Fralin humbuckers, Hipshot bridge.


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