G 9901 'Juju'

A semi-hollow construction based around an African mask.  The back is Cedar.  The first pickup was replaced with a Lace sensor which is mounted into an opening in the top and screwed directly into the back.  A handcarved aluminum bridge guides the strings through the "mouth" of the mask into a brass string holder on the back of the guitar.  The result is a transparent acoustic sound.

The 'Flaguitar Series'

The 'Flaguitar' series consists of 12 guitars, each topped with a section of an old 40's American flag I found at a thrift shop.   The iconic nature of the flag coupled with its strong graphic elements proved irresistible, and over the course of a year I made 12 bodies.  A 13th body was subsequently decorated with the remnants.

G 9902 'Flaguitar #1 - Lefty'

'Flaguitar #1 - Lefty' combines a cedar body with a vintage DeArmond Humbucker and a Lindy Fralin SP 43 tele pickup.

G9903 'Flaguitar #3 - Patriot Annie'

Based around a photo I found on the street outside of a cafe and a dollar bill with a message printed on it.  American iconography - the eternal conflict between the right and the left, both claiming the flag for their own.  The body is Redwood.  With a favorite combination of minihumbucker in the neck and Tele pickup in the bridge position.

G 9904 'Flaguitar #7 - American Lunch'

Redwood back with Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard.  Two Lollar minihumbuckers.

G 9905 'Flaguitar #8 - Watching You'

Cedar back, Goncalo Alves neck w/ Ebony fingerboard. 2 Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers, Sperzel tuners, through-body-fixed bridge, volume, 3-way switch.

G 9906 'Flaguitar #6 - Don't Tread on Me'

Mahogany back, Maple neck w/Ebony fingerboard.  2 humbuckers, 3-way switch, volume and tone controls.  The tailpiece is aluminum, off a probably Japanese LP copy.

G 9907 'Flaguitar #5 - Oklahoma'

The obvious connection here is to the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City.  Despite the trauma, the slogan "Oklahoma is OK" spells resilience and optimism that such an event can be overcome.  Cedar back, Mahogany neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Combination of Lollar Tele bridge pickup with neck minihumbucker.  Compensated Tele bridge, Sperzel locking tuners.

G 9908 'Flaguitar #4'

Cedar back, Mahogany/Rosewood neck.  Lollar minihumbucker neck/Tele bridge pickup combination.  Compensated Tele bridge, Sperzel locking tuners, volume, tone, 3-way switch.

G 9910 'Flowers & Bones'

Mahogany back, Maple neck.  Through-body-bridge, 2 P-90 Gibson pickups, 3-way switch, volume.

G 9911 'Expecting'

Multicolored combs found in a box at a fleamarket form the backdrop of a composition that came about as we were expecting our first child.  A heavy body of quilted Mahogany, its weight relieved by extensive carving.  Lollar P-90's and Wilkinson adjustable bridge.

G 9912 'Flaguitar #9'

Cedar back, Maple neck.  Vintage brass Tele-style bridge.  I Seymour Duncan 1/4lbs Tele pickup. Later I made a new neck for the guitar and added a vintage Gibson minihumbucker.

G 9913 'Elysian Guitar'

Quilted Mahogany body, Flame Koa/Ebony neck.  Through-body-bridge, Schecter neck single/splittable humbucker in bridge combination.  3-way switch, push-pull volume control.

G 9914 'Flight of the Bumblebee'

Cedar body, the back with a burnt finish.  Bird's-eye Maple neck.  Two Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro singlecoil pickups.  Aluminum nut, vintage style tremolo.

G 9915 'Shoeless'

Based around some sliced-up shomaker's lasts (the forms around which the leather is stretched and formed).  A single vintage Gibson P-90 with clear bobbin in the ideal harmonic position.  Poplar body, Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.

G 9916 'Beachwalk Red'

G 9917 'Santa Barbara Beachwalk'

Lollar P-90 in the neck, Lollar Imperial (splittable) in the bridge.  Gotoh steel block vintage style tremolo.  Mahogany back, Mahogany neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard.  Objects I collected while on a walk on the beach in Santa Barbara.

G 9918 'Wallflower'

Cedar back, flame Maple neck.  'Lefty' brass Tele bridge.  Vintage Gibson Firebird pickup in the neck position, 3-way switch, volume control.  I like the sound a 'Lefty' Tele bridge produces on a right-hand guitar - warmer highs and a nice snappy bottom.  They are somewhat hard to find in a vintage style.

G 9919 'MonteCarlo'

Quilted Mahogany back, bird's-eye Maple neck w/ Ebony fingerboard.  2 vintage Kay P-90 style pickups.  Massive stoptail bridge.

G 9920 'Skidmark'

Images of the finished guitar courtesy of Rebel Guitars.  A good illustration of the color aging after 15 years.  The body is Mahogany.  Flame Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard, 25 1/2" scale. Schaller tuners, fixed bridge, Seymour Duncan JB in bridge, Alnico II pro SC in neck position.  

G 9921 'Pokertar'

G 9922 'Andrea'



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