G 9701 'California Special'

"California Special" is the first Totemguitar I made.  The decorations include bric-a-brac I had accumulated, along with the license plate of my old '70 Triumph Tiger motorcycle, applied over a board of Mahogany.  I wanted to make a personal guitar, and also experiment with a batch of resin I had mixed up.  I used an old Warmoth neck, an Ibanez Super 70 humbucker and a Jackson Strat pickup along with a used Schaller stoptail bridge to complete the instrument. It is a simple guitar, but its tone and playability convinced me to pursue this path further - although I subsequently refrained from doing things like casting the pickups and the wiring directly into the resin - making adjustments and repairs or exchanges a bit difficult...   I have kept this guitar and it is not for sale.  Over the years the resin has yellowed, acquiring an amber cast and giving it a "vintage" appearance.  It still plays and sounds good, showing no signs of deterioration.

G 9702 'Lonestar T'

The second Totemguitar sports a Redwood back and a Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware.  A neck pickup and 3-way switch were added to the single DiMarzio  'Fast Track' Tele pickup in the bridge.

X 9703 '21854'

An experiment with a different type of resin resulted in eventual separation between resin and wood in certain places.  This will remain a body only.

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