The Terminator bass

The 5-string conventional magnetic pickup model. The T501 and T502 models come with either EMG pickups & preamp, or with a Bartolini pickup/preamp package.  They have a custom stand, since the hybrid configuration does not fit a conventional stand.


Terminator "Terminator"

Custom order inlay "Terminator" 

Bird's Eye Maple/Padouk neck

Mahogany/Rosewood body wings

Bartolini single/humbucker combination with Bartolini preamp

Hipshot bridge and tuners

Terminator 1

Flame Koa body wings, Wenge neck w/Cocobolo fingerboard, black anodized metal parts.  EMG soapbar pickups and BQC preamp.


Terminator 2

Madrone burl body wings, chromed aluminum metal parts, Wenge neck w/Cocobolo fingerboard.  Bartolini single/humbucker combination w/Bartolini preamp.


Terminator Harlequin

Terminator 501

Terminator 3