apex Q601


Although the first 'hybrid' prototypes were guitars, the apex evolved out of the 'SpaltBasses' hybrid design.  Guitar players initially responded poorly to the hybrid concept - the vintage craze was in full swing;  it was only when the basses showed some success that I was asked to make a guitar along those lines.  The result is the Q601.  They come with a custom stand, since the hybrid configuration does not fit a conventional stand.


Apex Q601 029

Figured Walnut body wings

Mahogany neck w/Bird's Eye Maple fingerboard

Lindy Fralin Pure PAF humbuckers

Floyd Rose trem and nut

Hipshot open back locking tuners

Dunlop Straplocks

Apex Q601 028

Flame Maple body wings

Flame Maple neck w/Cocobolo fingerboard

Lindy Fralin Pure PAF humbuckers

3-way switch, vol, tone

Hipshot tremolo

Hipshot locking open back tuners

Dunlop straplocks

Apex Q601 027

Poplar Burl/Padouk body wings

Padouk neck w/Maple fingerboard

BoneTop P-90 style pickups

Hipshot tremolo

Hipshot open back locking tuners

3-way switch, vol, tone w/push/pull for series/parallel switching

Apex Q601 026

Quilted Maple body parts

Flame Maple neck & fingerboard, 25 1/2" scale

Polished aluminum parts

Lollar Imperial in bridge, Sustainiac in neck position

Volume, Sustainiac, tone, 3-way toggle

Hipshot tremolo

Hipshot locking tuners

Dunop Straplocks

Apex Q 1202 Jarrah TT LT

Jarrah burl body parts

Polished aluminum parts

Bird's Eye maple necks & fingerboards 25 1/2" scale

Dunlop straplocks


Upper neck:

True Temperament low tune frets

Lollar Imperial humbucker in bridge

Graph-Tech Ghost piezos w/ 13 pin MIDI option

Hipshot tremolo

Hipshot locking tuners


Lower neck:

True Temperament Thidell Formula 1 frets

Lollar Imperial in neck and bridge

Don Ramsay Linear Tremolo

Hipshot locking tuners

Apex Q601 024 Yano

Quilted Maple body parts

Bird's Eye Maple necck, 25 12" scale

Polished aluminum parts

Bartolini PBF-57 in neck, PBF-77D in bridge position

Demeter Mid-boost

Volume w/push/pull for pickup split, midboost, tone, 3-way toggle

Hipshot tremolo

Hipshot locking tuners

Dunlop Straplocks

Apex 727 SP 021 Baritone

Walnut Burl body parts

Polished aluminum parts

Mahogany neck w/Ebony fingerboard, 27" scale, custom pearl inlays

Bare Knuckle 7-string Holy Diver humbucker in bridge, Sustainiac in neck position

Graph-Tech Ghost piezos

Hipshot tremolo

Hipshot locking tuners

Dunlop Straplocks

Apex 601 017 Koa

Flame Koa Body Parts, oil finish

Bird's Eye Maple neck

Ebony fingerboard, 24 3/8" scale

Polished aluminum parts

Fralin Pure PAF humbuckers, 3-way togle, vol, tone

Hipshot locking tuners

Hipshot trem

Dunlop Straplocks

2.6kg/5.75 lbs

Vulcan BW 600/2

Custom build with a guitar neck and a 6-string bass neck.  Body Spalted Maple, black anodized aluminum.  Maple necks with Rosewood fingerboards.


Guitar neck: 

Barden TT humbucker in bridge, Sustainiac in neck position

GraphTech Ghost piezos

ETS headless bridge


Bass neck:

Barden 5-string J-Bass pickups


ABM headless bridge

Apex Q601 018

Polished aluminum parts, quilted Maple body wings.  Flame Maple neck, 25 1/2" scale.  Sperzel locking tuners, Hipshot tremolo, Bartolini PBF55 in neck, PBF77D in bridge position, both splittable.  Dunlop Straplocks.



Apex Q601 Zebra

Polished aluminum, Zebrawood over Padouk body wings, Padouk neck w/bird's eye Maple fingerboard.  BoneTop P-90 pickups, Hipshot tremolo, Sperzel locking tuners.



Apex Q727 S Baritone 7-string

Black anodized aluminum parts.  Walnut body wings, Wenge neck w/Wenge fingerboard, 27" scale with a 12” radius, Dunlop 6150 frets (medium Jumbo). Neck depth is 21mm, nut width is 49mm, string spacing at bridge is 62mm.  It weighs (not precise) around 3.8kg.  Hipshot locking tuners & tremolo.  DiMarzio DP706 humbucker in the bridge position, switchable parallel/series.  Sustainiac circuit w/neck pickup. 



Apex Q601 020

Flame Walnut body wings w/oil finish, flame Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard  24 3/4" scale, stainless steel frets.  Joe Barden Two-Tone humbuckers, Hipshot trem, Sperzel locking tuners.  Curved abalone inlay on the armrest.



Apex Q601 016 "Gothic"

Wenge body wings, oil finish.  Mahogany neck w/Ebony fingerboard 24 3/4" scale, stainless steel frets.  EMG 89 & 81 pickups.  Hipshot bridge, Sperzel locking tuners.



Apex QHL RT hlp90

Walnut burl body wings w/black anodized aluminum parts.  Maple neck w/Indian Rosewood fingerboard.  Fralin noiseless P-90's, Graphtech Ghost Piezo system, ETS tuner mechanism.



Apex Q601 Walnut

Walnut body wings with black anodized aluminum parts.  EMG pickups, Hipshot tremolo, Sperzel locking tuners.



Apex Q601 LW

The center section contains a Suhr Fletcher-Landau Strat set along with the Ilitch Noise suppression coil (Also available from Suhr guitars).  Graph-Tech piezos in the Hipshot tremolo feed the Graph-Tech Ghost system.  A 13-pin hexaphonic output is provided along with the regular 1/4" jack.  Hipshot locking tuners with barrel knobs ensure tuning stability.  Maple burl body wings.



Apex Q601 MJ

Spalted Maple body wings, Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Polished aluminum metal parts.  Hipshot tremolo bridge w/Sperzel locking tuners.  Seymour Duncan '59 in the neck, JB in the bridge.



Apex Q601 Gothic CL

"Gothic" Wenge body parts, polished aluminum.  Mahogany neck w/Ebony fingerboard.  EMG 89 in the neck, 81 in the bridge.  Sperzel locking tuners, LSR roller nut and Ibanez Lo-Pro Floyd Rose tremolo.



Apex Q601 YW

Yellow-wood with Wenge accents.  click here for work images.



Apex Q601 HL

A headless travel guitar, designed to be as light and compact as possible.  Both the Lace Alumitone pickups and the Strandberg tuners were chosen with that in mind. The Strandberg tuners are extremely light, with a beautiful design that matched the hybrid aesthetic wonderfully.        http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/



Apex Q1202 Custom

This doubleneck was commissioned by Jared Meeker.  It combines a 36 fret 25 1/2" scale neck on top with a 27" baritone neck on the bottom.  String mutes can be mounted at the nut  for Jareds complex tapping techniques.  The top neck has piezos and a Graph-Tech Ghost MIDI system with 13-pin output.  The bottom neck is equipped with a Sustainiac.  Two bartolini humbuckers supply the magnetic signal.  The body parts are flame Koa, the necks flame Maple




Controls chart






Bartolini humbuckers

Hipshot tremolo bridges

Sperzel locking tuners

Graph-Tech Ghost piezo/MIDI system

Sustainiac by Maniac Music

Straplocks by Dunlop



Apex Q601

Spalted Maple burl body wings, black anodized aluminum parts.  Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  2 Joe Barden humbuckers.  Hipshot tremolo and Sperzel locking tuners.



Apex Q601 'Sindri'

Maple burl body wings, with polished aluminum parts.  Flame Maple neck w/Indian Rosewood fingerboard.  A combination of a 'Bare Knuckle Miracle Man' bridge pickup and a Bartolini PBF-55 neck pickup.  Ibanez LoPro chrome tremolo w/ Sperzel locking tuners.  For work images click here.



Apex Q601JD

Highly figured Walnut body parts.  Black anodized aluminum parts.  Rosewood neck.  2 Bartolini humbuckers.  Hipshot bridge and Sperzel locking tuners.



Apex Q601 Jarrah

Jarrah burl body wings.  Flame Maple neck.  LSR tuners and nut.  Wilkinson tremolo and Bartolini humbuckers.  This guitar features a detachable knee rest which also swivels, for a higher playing position when seated.



Apex Q601 MIDI

Quilted spalted Maple body wings, flame Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Graph-Tech ghost piezo/hexaphonic system w/13-pin MIDI output.  2 humbuckers, Sperzel locking tuners, Hipshot tremolo.