The 'Flaguitar' series consists of 12 guitars, each topped with a section of an old 40's American flag I found at a thrift shop.   The iconic nature of the flag coupled with its strong graphic elements proved irresistible. Over the course of a year beginning in 1999, I created 12 bodies, the last of which, 'Happy Nation' was finished in 2000.  A final, 13th, body was subsequently decorated with some of the remnants and finished in 2000 as well ('Ragged Glory'). Years later, in 2016, a final body using the last pieces was turned into 'Broken Nation'.








The US Flag with 48 stars was used from 1912 to 1959, the second-longest used flag in US history.

Below a few highlights, click on the image to see more about each guitar

The final Flaguitar, #13, was finished in 2016