The Current crop

These instruments have been recently completed.  Included here may be Custom Orders, which have already sold, as well as instruments that are still available for sale through us or through one of our dealers.  


Please contact us for pricing, availability, orders or with any questions you might have.  Additional images or specs are available upon request.  Additional images may also be available on the website, click the link where available and scroll down to the desired instrument.  Please be aware that we provide the following as information only, there is no guarantee as to the availability of the instruments. 

G 1609 "Blackie"

Available - please inquire


Available - please inquire


Available - please inquire

G 1703 "3 By 22"

Available - please inquire

G 1704 "Red Dot 99"

Available - please inquire

G 1702 "Simple Sam"

Available at Larkstreet Music in the US

624 Burst

Available at The North American Guitar in the UK

G 1701 "Wheel of Fortune"

Available at Rainbow Guitars in the US

GG 029 Gate Guitar Custom

Available at Resident Guitars in Germany

G 01606 'Cowboy time'

Available at Far East Guitars in Japan