S&S Guitars and the 486 line

The S&S series dates back to one of my earliest designs.  It consists of a hollow back carved from a solid billet of wood, covered with a beautiful top.  It combines light weight and an open sound with a dynamic response.  The 486 line represents a refinement of the original concept.



S&S 'Ebony'

This guitar is a precursor of the S&S and 486 line dating back to 1996.  A hollow Alder body topped with Macassar Ebony and a one-piece Macassar Ebony neck.  The original guitar underwent some modifications over time.  The original Tele-style bridge with a Seymour Duncan Hot Stack was replaced with a roller bridge, a Bigsby and a BoneTop P-90 style pickup.  A second BoneTop was added and the 3-way switch placed in the upper bout.  An Ilitch noise-cancelling coil ensures studio-quiet operation.

S&S Flame Walnut

Mahogany body with flame Walnut top.  Flame Walnut neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Two BoneTop P-90's, Hipshot bridge, Sperzel locking tuners.

S&S quilted mahogany p-90

Swamp Ash body with quilted Mahogany top and neck.  Two Lindy Fralin P-90's with custom tortoiseshell celluloid covers.

S&S cardinal

Alder body with flame Maple top with a center stripe of pearl.  Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups.  Mahogany neck w/Ebony fingerboard.

S&S koa BoneTop

Mahogany body and neck with Rosewood fingerboard.  Flame Koa top.  'BoneTop' P90's.

S&S 4

Craig Nicholls of the Vines commissioned this guitar - he saw one of producer Rob Schnapfs' S&S guitars and liked its light weight and sound.  Quilted Maple top with Rosewood fingerboard, 2 TV-Jones Filtertron pickups.

S&S padouk

Swamp Ash body w/Padouk top.  Maple neck.  Two TV Jones filtertron pickups. 

Blue S&S

S&S cocobolo

Mahogany body w/Cocobolo top.  Madagascar Rosewood neck.  Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers.

S&S spalted maple

Mahogany body.  Spalted Maple top.  Maple neck.  Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers.

S&S quilted mahogany

Quilted Mahogany top over Mahogany body.  Rosewood neck.  Two Fralin P-90's w/custom tortoiseshell celluloid covers. 

S&S koa HB

Mahogany body.  Koa top.  Honduran Rosewood neck.  Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers.  Gold hardware.

S&S Rosewood

Salvage, courtesy of Todd Taggart.  I found the piece for the top while dumpster diving at Allied Luthierie - one of my favorite suppliers.  It had proved too small for their use as an acoustic back: a full 1/2" thick top of figured Rosewood with abalone purfling.  The neck is quilted Mahogany with a Rosewood fingerboard. The thickness allowed me to carve the top rather than have it be a flat top as usual.

S&S zebrawood

Swamp Ash body w/Zebrawood top.  Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard.  Vintage brass bridge.  Two p-90 pickups.

S&S flame koa

Mahogany body w/flame Koa top.  Flame Koa neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Gold hardware.

The 486 line is a refinement of the S&S concept

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Indian Rosewood top over Mahogany body.  Maple neck w/Indian Rosewood fingerboard and headstock overlay.  Two 'BoneTop' P-90's.  $-way switching allowing for the pickups to be wired in series as well as parallel.


Here's a video by "Dream Guitars".


Macassar Ebony top over Mahogany body.   Maple neck w/Macassar fingerboard and headstock overlay.  Two 'BoneTop' P-90's, Hipshot bridge.


Macassar Ebony top over Mahogany body.  Maple neck w/Macassar fingerboard and headstock overlay.  Lollar Imperial humbucker in the Spalt custom bridge, Lollar minihumbucker in the neck.  Hipshot locking tuners w/barrel knobs.  5-way switch for various coil switching options.


Macassar Ebony over Mahogany body.  Maple neck w/Macassar fingerboard and Headstock overlay.  Häussel high-output humbucker w/series/split/parallel switching options.  Hipshot fixed bridge, Sperzel locking tuners.

486 Cocobolo

Honduran Mahogany hollow body

Maple/Cocobolo sandwich top

Honduran Mahogany neck, flat C

Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard

25 1/2" scale

10-12" radius, 22 frets

Dunlop 6150 fretwire

2-way truss rod

Bone nut, 42mm

Sperzel locking tuners

Hipshot fixed bridge

BoneTop P-90 style in neck and bridge

3-way switch

CTS pots and Orange Drop cap

Push-pull tone pot for series/parallel mode