Our instruments can be acquired directly from us or from stock our dealers carry.  We list new instruments as they become available on our THE CURRENT CROP page:

For more instruments we have in stock go to the IN STOCK page:

To see some of the guitars our dealers have in stock, visit the DEALER STOCK page or contact one of our dealers list below.

 Should no instrument as desired be available for purchase, and you would like to order a custom build, see below.  This can be done by contacting us, or through one of the dealers listed below. 

Prices are quoted individually for each instrument.  For instruments available through our dealers contact the dealer for price information.  


All our prices are quoted in Euros.  Shipping costs will be calculated according to the type of shipping selected.  For retail customers in the EU they include 20% VAT.  Customers outside the EU are responsible for any applicable duties, fees, or taxes related to the import.