Andreas Neubauer Guitars



Our cooperating partner in Vienna, Andreas, runs the premier guitar building and repair shop in town.  We met during one of my visits from Los Angeles and have since become good friends.



When I relocated part of my business to Vienna in 2009, Andreas kindly offered to let me work out of his shop until I had set up my own.  We eventually decided to cooperate on various projects and to establish the Wiener Gitarren Manufaktur, aka the Vienna Guitar Co., as a vehicle for our joint endeavors.



Andreas Neubauer


His passion for luthierie started in 1979, when he refinished the EB-2 Gibson bass he was playing in his band.  Gaining experience by repairing and building instruments for friends and acquaintances he eventually transitioned into a full-time occupation as luthier after absolving an apprenticeship at Gibson usa in 1993, and becoming official repair and custom shop for Gibson and Yamaha.  He passed the Master Luthier’s exam in 1999 and has since established himself as the premier builder and repair shop in Vienna.




Neubauer Guitars

Ernst Bergmann Gasse 17

1140 Wien

(43 1) 912 51 78