Come and visit with us at the 2020 NAMM Show in Hall D, Booth #4606 


This year we will present our new instruments as part of 'the red collection', a 'project of three' collaboration with renowned luthiers Ulrich Teuffel and Adriano Sergio.  We will show a wide variety of Michael's work, come see and try the recently re-introduced TOTEM-X.2 next to a GUITaRT variation of our Hybrid model as well as a brand new installation piece. 


Projects of Three was initiated by renowned luthiers and close friends Adriano Sergio, Michael Spalt, and Ulrich Teuffel. Approaching the guitar from three very different angles they share the goal of creating unique instruments, which clearly straddle the gap between the guitar as usable instrument on one side and being an objet d’art on the other. What unites these three luthiers is that they see the instrument 'guitar' as possibility, as starting point to an exploration. 

For their first appearance as a group they decided on the color Red as common element. Red is likely the color with the most meanings - blood, rage, love, danger, heat, attention, fire, speed... Red is a charged color, emotional and powerful. It demands attention, and it is strong enough to form a unifying principle for a collection of instruments reflecting the very different approach each of the makers takes in his work towards the guitar.


"Objet d'art (French: [ɔb.jɛ d‿aʁ]; plural objets d'art) literally means "art object" (or work of art) in French, but in practice, the term has long been reserved in English to describe works of art that are not paintings, large or medium-sized sculptures, prints, or drawings.



'Red Twist'

'Red Tide'  - Guitar and installation art piece

Among the instruments to be displayed are 4 of the Special Edition Totem-X.2 guitars which have the backplate commemorating 'the red collection - 2020 NAMM'. 

Totem-X.2 / 6

Totem-X.2 / 7

Totem-X.2 / 8   Come see this Totem-X.2  on display at TV Jones' booth # in Hall

Totem-X.2 / 9

behind the curtain      also available - ask to see.