G0601 'Turbine II'

G0602 'Baby Tree'

G0603 'Press Hard'

G0604 'Casino'

G0605 'Aurelia'

A Line-6 Variax system in conjunction with a Graph-Tech Ghost hexaphonic 13-pin output constitutes the electronics on this guitar.  The fanned fret fingerboard is divided into Rosewood and Ebony segments, denoting the white and black keys of a keyboard, with the E's marked by pearl segments - a system invented by Aaron Wolfson.


G0606 'Jewel'

G0607 'Fountain of Treasure'

G0608 'Blue Gear Girl'

G0609 'Velvet Hammer'

G0610 'Savoy'

G0611 'Defrost'

G0612 'Cool'

G0613 'Rhineland'

G 0614 'Bluebird'

Mahogany body, Maple neck w/Rosewood fingerboard.  Yellow bone position markers and nut.  Fralin humbucker/single combination, Hipshot through/body bridge, Gotho vintage-style tuners.


G0615 'Chevy Lady'

G0616 'Temptation'

G0617 'Danger'

Vintage Gretsch Supertron pickups.  Mahogany body, Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard.  Bigsby vibrato with Schaller roller bridge. 


G0618 'Stonewashed'

G0619 'Mustang'

Fralin combination, splittable humbucker in the bridge, Strat single coil in the neck.  Fender Coronado bridge.  Redwood body.  Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard.


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